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Gift Ideas For Her under $100

Updated: Dec 12, 2022


*Some of the products mentioned below contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on them at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my page.


Hiking Boots

  • $74

  • Great affordable option especially for someone who's just starting to hike more.

  • I got these for Christmas last year and I'm very happy with them.

  • Also, I love the combination of colors (Elk/Mountain Red), looks great in the pictures.

  • $102

  • I know, I know it's over $100, but I really wanted to include them in the list.

  • These are the very first hiking boots I had, and I've been wearing them all the time.

  • I hiked about 10 National Parks in these and they're still in great shape. Couldn't recommend more.



One can never have too many socks. See some of my favorite options from REI below:

  • $23

  • $20

  • $16

  • $27


Leggings and Pants

  • $30

  • Best affordable option I've had so far. I use it for hiking, yoga, running errands.

  • $94

  • Super soft and very durable. I've had these pants for like 2 years now and I'm wearing them all the time. It's worth every penny.



I have many favorite candles, but here's a couple National Parks themed ones that would make a great gift for anyone:

  • $36

  • This candle reminds me of Christmas, smell is very refreshing.

  • Great gift option for the upcoming winter season.

  • $37

  • Great candle which comes in a cute mug.



  • $80

  • My favorite REI brand backpack for day hikes.

  • One of the features that I love is that the contoured foam in the harness provides a women-specific fit.

  • $65

  • This pack has the straps at the bottom, where you can hold your coat, rain jacket, water bottle or etc. and still have the entire inside at full capacity.

  • $55

  • Smaller version of the previous pack, but still has a lot of room.

  • I personally own both of them and both are great, but I use smaller one almost every day for running errands, work, etc.


Duffel Bags

  • $55

  • Very compact when you don't need it. Packs into its packing cube.

  • Great for any trip.

  • $20



  • $38

  • This shirt features a national parks checklist on the back so you can keep track of where you've visited. So cool right?

  • $64

  • This shirt wicks moisture, dries fast and blocks the sun's harmful rays.

  • I have Light Heather Grey color, but I'll probably get a different color too.

  • $34

  • Super cute long sleeve shirt from Naturebacks.

  • My friend is @naturebacks Rep, so you can get 20% off if you use her code.

  • Code:NBERIN20



  • $40

  • I also have this in a different color and It's so warm.

  • $28

  • It comes in many different colors. I have it in black.

  • $40

  • Also quite warm option from Patagonia.

Or click on the link below and explore REI's wide selection of beanies



  • $55

  • Quality sunglasses for an affordable price.

  • I have this same model in pink and I love it.

  • $25

  • Another great option from Tifosi

  • $58

  • I've had this model for years now and I love it.



  • $90

  • I loved this jacket so much I bought the men's version for my husband as well. Now we are all Matchy-Matchy!!


Water Bottles

  • $13

  • These Nalgene water bottles from REI will make anyone happy.

  • And did you know you can put hot water as well to warm up your toes at night?

  • $33

  • Also great option from REI store


Camp Chairs

  • $70

  • Lightweight, compact, foldable chairs for camping. They are very comfortable.


Sitting Pad

  • $42

  • Always great to bring along on a hike. especially in winter.


Leave It Better Than You Found It Clean Up Kit - $10

A Clean Up Kit is a great tool to bring along on your outdoor adventures or on your next local clean-up. It will make a great gift for your adventure buddy.


So, which one of these gifts will you be getting? Let me know in the comments below.

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